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PRE-ORDER A Very Gaelic Storm Christmas Quarantine Mixtape EP

VERY LIMITED RELEASE!! This is the physical EP + digital download to A Very Gaelic Storm Christmas Quarantine Mixtape including free shipping. The ‘Quarantine Mixtape’ will feature the 7 Christmas songs (out of 16 total songs) played during ‘A Very Gaelic Storm Christmas’ livestream on December 17th. (When you buy the CD you automatically get the Digital download as well.) We are only making 333 of these EPs! That’s it! We are basically bootlegging ourselves! Because the songs will be on DIGITAL COMPACT DISCS (aka CDs) the quality is vastly superior to analog magnetic cassettes. Sit back and enjoy this beauty in High-Fidelity ‘Dobly’ stereo. This is pre-order so we can’t ACTUALLY tell you what those songs are. All we can say is that they are well loved Christmas songs and one brand new set of tunes. The CD comes with signed individual pieces of paper from all members of the band. Santa Pat has checked his list twice, doodled a little stick figure with some lyrics of the most popular Christmas songs. Every single note is one of a kind and contains lines from many popular Christmas songs such as….. ‘You better watch out…’ ‘In a one horse open….’ ‘To save us all from…..’ ‘Who left the toilet seat up again!?’ There are THREE unique notes in the pile of handwritten notes: One says, “Johhny Tarr Rocks!” One says, “Go for One?” but the best of all is the Golden Whammy…… ​"​Last Christmas, I gave you my…WHAM!!!"​ You just got WHAMMED! Who will win the Golden Whammy Award!? The suspense is palpable. Disclosure: We will do our very best to get the CD to you by Christmas but don’t forget you also get the digital download to enjoy which will be emailed to you on December 18th with the email you use at checkout. The recording was made using all the greatest of modern technology: Microphones, cables, computers, software, electricity! Recorded in our basements, living rooms, dining rooms and soundproof closets in attics across this great nation. (Sadly, not available in regular monophonic or Stereo Eight Track)

Pre-Order HERE

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