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Calling All Storm Chasers

Gaelic Storm's STREET TEAM members are better known as STORM CHASERS.  We are looking for the band's most dedicated and passionate fans to help promote Gaelic Storm in their area!

STORM CHASER: noun. an individual that finds joy in showing their extreme excitement surrounding their love for Gaelic Storm through acts of volunteer services. Storm Chasers have been known to poster a city with Gaelic Storm show announcements, help the band sell merchandise at a local venue and greet the band's guests with intense excitement as they arrive at the show.

How to Volunteer

Duties of a Storm Chaser:

  • 2 volunteers to sell merchandise at each show (responsibilities below)

  • Volunteers to hang GS event posters in and around town (event poster below)

  • Spread the word about Gaelic Storm in any way you can – be creative!

Merchandise volunteers will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. To volunteer to sell merchandise, email Include your NAME, CELL PHONE NUMBER, and the DATE you are volunteering for. Volunteers will receive a free ticket to the show and an official Storm Chasers t-shirt!

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