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Giving Tuesday


It’s a long story but trust us, it’s worth it. Especially in today’s news cycle.

So as most of you know, Murphy broke both legs on Feb 13th. We started selling ‘Legless’ merchandise on the road and we mentioned a portion of the merchandise would go to charity.

Of course, the tour was cut short but in the space of a few weeks the Gaelic Storm fans not only supported the cause but helped raise $3,510!! (Special shout out the ladies in Cleveland, OH who donated $300 for one poster!)

This money was split evenly and donated to the pediatric wards at both hospitals; MedStar Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, MD. and Lawrence + Memorial in New London, CT.

Does it change the world? No, but it helps offset the cost of a wheelchair, a boot, or crutches for someone less fortunate or families without medical insurance.

Breaking both legs is an expensive hobby and it is not highly recommended by any professional medical staff or the Surgeon General for that matter.


So, on Feb 14th, Murphy received a text from his wife, Susie, early the next morning after being discharged from the hospital in a luggage cart.

“Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you!”

“Umm, I love you too. Ehhh….how much do you love me?”

“A lot. Why?”

“Ok . Eh, I broke both my legs last night. Jumped off a balcony. Spent the night in the hospital.

“Ha, ha! That’s funny.”

(Sends pictures………dreaded silence ensues)

“………what……. the…why….when….what!!??”

After a lovely ‘chat’ Susie dropped everything to find an orthopedic surgeon in the area that could squeeze Murphy in for surgery ASAP. Anything to get him back on tour. Afterall, St. Patrick’s Day was just a month away.

No small ‘feet’ (pun intended!) but it was accomplished!

Next Susie headed to Annapolis Healthcare Supplies to buy a wheelchair, shower caps for the casts, a bedpan, special pants for two broken legs, socks for the casts, shower seats, toilet seats, etc. You know, the usual accoutrements that go with two broken legs.

Sharon Kelley was working that day. When Sharon asked Susie who the supplies were for and why she needed two of everything she said, “My husband jumped off a balcony last night and broke all his legs!”

“Wow! It seems to be all the rage these days! There’s a guy named Patrick Murphy in a band called Gaelic Storm who did the exact same thing last night up in Connecticut!”

Face turning red, “Yup, that’s my husband.” Smacks forehead.

Oh NO! WHAT!? I love Patrick Murphy!

“You can HAVE him! He’s damaged goods now!”

All we can say is Sharon is an angel in disguise, as she took care of all Murphy’s needs with the help of Annapolis Healthcare Supplies. Sharon and her daughters have been big fans of the band for over 15 years, so Sharon gets free tickets for life at The Ram’s Head in Annapolis or anywhere else she darn well pleases!

So that’s it! We raised some money for kids and found our medical supply fairy godmother, Sharon. We’ve since become friends and when Murphy swung by the shop to take the photos, she even had a little present for Murphy’s 5-year-old daughter.

And finally: If you could all say a prayer for Susie Murphy for having to put up with a person/idiot like Murphy, that would be appreciated!

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