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Gaelic Storm Release 2 New songs

Release Two Traditional Irish Folks Songs, "Dirty Old Town" and "The Frozen Pipes," Today Songs Available HERE

Fans may recall the band's version of the newly released traditional Folk songs, "Dirty Old Town," and "The Frozen Pipes," both of which were showcased in Gaelic Storm's sold-out livestream concert this spring. "I learned these jigs while in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I was playing at the Halifax citadel with the 78th Fraser Highlanders and went to Cape Breton for an evening and heard both jigs being played in a pub and loved them. Over the years, I have grown to love and appreciate Cape Breton music even more….. such a wonderful part of Canada. 'The Frozen Pipes' name comes from the coldest winter we had in years and it was during Covid. It was hard to warm up the room I was recording pipes in, so we called it 'The Frozen Pipes,'" commented Pete Purvis, piper and whistle player for Gaelic Storm.

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