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Gaelic Storm Offers Virtual Music Lessons

Attention Gaelic Storm Fans! Have you always wanted to learn to play like Gaelic Storm but never had the time? Well, now is the time to pick up that instrument that’s been in the case for too long! Pete, Katie, and Ryan all offer video lessons throughout the year and have openings for new students due to our recent tour cancelation. Read below for more info and please share with anyone you think may be interested!

Pete Purvis has bagpipe, uilleann pipe and tin whistle lessons available on the following pages.

Katie Grennan offers intermediate fiddle lessons anyone who has at least year experience on the violin and wants to learn fiddle techniques or advanced lessons to fiddle players who want to improve their skills and learn more tunes. Direct message Katie on Facebook for more information or email her at

Ryan Lacey specializes in drum set, hand-percussion, and how to make learning drums a fun experience. Learn to play all styles of music from World Music (Cuban, African, Brazilian, Caribbean, Irish etc...), Funk, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop and everything in between. Ages 6 and up. Direct message Ryan on Facebook or email him at

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Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter

Gaelic Storm's virtual music lessons are a fantastic opportunity for aspiring musicians to enhance their skills from the comfort of their own homes. Just like how I turned to a trusted service, like, for help with my written assignments during my student days, these lessons provide a convenient and effective way to learn and grow in the world of music.

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