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Yes! You heard that correctly: Gaelic Storm is going 'Public'

YES! We REPEAT: You can be an 'OWNER' of Gaelic Storm! Each "GS BEER BOND SHARE" is beautifully made by artisan elves and individually numbered. Your name will be handwritten by the suavest of hands using the finest ink in the world. Imagine this beauty framed on your wall. A family heirloom to passed on from generation to generation! In a pickle for a gift? These ‘GS BEER BOND SHARES’ come in handy for; Birthdays! Christmas! Father’s Day! Mother’s Day! The romance of a ‘share’ on Valentine’s Day! Baby Showers! Graduation Day! Groundhog Day! Talk like a pirate Day! The list is ENDLESS! All ‘GS BEER BOND SHARES’ are priced at a flat $33.33. (Tirty Tree and a turd) (Shipping and handling included, taxes where applicable) ALSO: THESE BONDS REALLY MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!  Buy here:

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