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The idea for Gaelic Storm’s The Boathouse was distilled in early June 2013 after Twigger found a small pearl in an oyster he was about to eat at a restaurant. It was a one in ten-thousand chance occurrence and, of course, it was a sign; a true rarity. He thought, “We’ll do a seafaring album in three weeks somewhere on water. Somehow we’ll create a studio from scratch, and we’ll record it all within one week.” It only took a few phone calls to arrange the whole thing, location and all. Our excitement was palpable. The band was on board instantly, and the location found couldn’t have been any better: a friend’s converted boathouse in Annapolis, MD which looked out over the Chesapeake Bay.  

When we all arrived on a Sunday, it was all hands on deck. We created a studio from the ground up, recording fourteen-hour days until our voices were hoarse and fingers were sore. Then, on the following Friday, we sailed away with a gem of an album. The Boathouse was created with sheer determination, a bucket load of whiskey, and some undeniably raucous songs. This album truly showcases a tight-knit band in our musical prime. You can hear the utter joy we feel when playing music together. The Boathouse has true raw emotion, unabashed beauty, and an all-encompassing power.  

As you listen to our new album, you feel almost as if you are peering through the keyhole of the boathouse in which it was created. You hear stories that take you from New York City to Cork City, Liverpool to Mobile Bay, and Greenland to Hawaii. There are tales of plights and plunder, slave traders, whiskey-drenched pirates, flying cannon balls, whale fishermen, and many woman of ill repute. With The Boathouse, we have created a new and refreshing way of making music. We are referring to this idea of traveling to a remote location in order to record for one week as the “Small Batch Sessions.”  We want to make this album a true exclusive, and the band is limiting the amount of copies to be pressed at one time. The album will only be available on our website and at live concerts.  

Listening back to these songs, thoughts of where to record the next "Small Batch Sessions" are racing through our heads; the options are endless. It’s awesome thinking, “Perhaps we’ll end up on Prince Edward Island, the Isle of Man, the Outer Hebrides, a cottage on the Aran Islands, or even a hut in the Caribbean Cays." Even though these sessions may take us across the world, we couldn’t have imagined a better place to start our journey than on the Chesapeake Bay creating The Boathouse.


- Gaelic Storm






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