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TRACK #15 PREVIEW - "Storks Of Guadalajara"

CHICKEN BOXER, TRACK 15. "The Storks of Guadalajara"

In 2011 we flew to Spain for a one-off show in a town just outside Madrid called Guadalajara. A strange place I have to say.  It's more or less a commuter town, a satellite community just an hour or so from the city.  Tall nondescript brick apartments, shuttered windows, dozens of them in a circle around the center of town, and a highway circles the apartments. We caught up on our jet lag then walked downtown in search of something old. After asking directions a number of times via our Spanish tour manager and translator, we finally got to the town center. We were pleasantly surprised to find beautiful churches, ancient remnants of Roman-built city walls, cobbled stone squares and great bars and restaurants. There were folks young and old everywhere, chatting, strolling and dancing in the streets. The night got a little hazy after our Galician tour manager introduced us to Orujo, a distilled  liquor from made from the leftovers of wine making. It's a lethal beverage dating back from Celtic times.  I am told it was used to accompany rituals around a fire with blue flames - spells and such. After two of them, we were practically falling off our chairs.  Blue flames, spells and dancing in the street - enjoy the track.  

- Twigger





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