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TRACK #13 PREVIEW - "Stone By Stone"

CHICKEN BOXER, Track 13. "Stone by Stone"

Again, a song that came out of a great jam session.  The song title had been milling around in notebooks for some time, and I really didn't know what it meant for a while.  It had to live for a time as a scratch track in the studio while it found itself.  The Aran Islands were again a great visual inspiration here, strangely enough.  A fortress was built on the cliffs one small square stone at a time, hundreds of thousands of them.  With their backs to the crashing waves of the Atlantic, this was the final refuge for thousands escaping westwards from whatever threatened them. 





I built myself a wall, I built it stout, I built it tall,
I stacked it strong and wide, I lived there deep inside.
One heartbreak at a time, around this heart of mine,
It’s not a wall that you can see, it lives inside of me.
Every hurt became a stone till I was all alone,
In this space inside my wall.
Believe me when I say you can make it go away,
I know you can make it fall.
I built it stone by stone, stone by stone,
I built it stone by stone, stone by stone.
From inside I see the sky, makes me wish that I could fly,
Like a bird or airplane, but I can't, I must remain.
Between these walls of stone, cold and grey and hard as bone,
I’ve got to break free, I got a world to see.
Then you could be my girl, we could fly around the world,
There’s so much that I want to do.
It’s time you must begin, you’ve got to try to make it in,
You’ve got to try to break through.
You’ve got to push, you got to shove, got to break it with your love,
If you try you will discover, that one stone, then another,
Will tumble, fall apart, crumble round my lonely heart,
You’re the only one that can get this done.
I know I built it strong but it won't take long,
You can knock it all to the ground.
If you chip a bit away, work it every single day,
We can tear this whole thing down.






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