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TRACK #11 PREVIEW - "I Can't Find My Way Home"

CHICKEN BOXER, Track 11.  "Can't Find My Way Home"

Yes, yet another road song. This was born on the back roads of Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. As anyone who has ever traveled these paths can tell you, there is a lot of landscape, miles and miles and miles and miles and miles. You can fall asleep for 6 hours and wake up to the same view.   It numbs the identity out of you and massages you into a trance of blurred shapes, recalled memories and flashing images.  An approaching storm is a welcome visual relief.  There is a sense of being "nowhere" and "no one",  as each mile seems to take you further from yourself and your home.  I don't know how the early pioneers endured months of this in a covered wagon. A nice place to live, but a tough place to journey across.  A road weary traveler on being asked which was his favorite road once replied, "the one that takes me home".

- Twigger
- TW 



Try to stay between the lines,
Avoid the pitfalls and the mines.
Don't know which way to go,
But when I find out, I'm sure to let you know.
The wheels roll by and they stutter,
At the road kill in the gutter,
The moving pictures in the frame,
Through my window look the same,
Still I can't find my way home,
Still I can't find my way home.
The earth, the sky, the wind and rain,
The silos stacked up with the grain.
The fields, the trees, the ice and the snow,
A cow, a horse, a buffalo.
I throw my heart up to the sky,
And I hope that it can fly,
The barbed wire fence, a highway sign,
I guess this roadís no friend of mine,
I can't find my way home,
Still I can't find my way home.
The winter wind begins to sing,
A song I know from long ago.
I told you Iíd be there for you,
I know you've had to wait,
I just hope, I just hope I'm not too late.
Well my past is written in my name,
But these roads that Iíve built,
Just take me back from where I came.
I try to stay the same, I know I'm not to blame.
Still I can't find my way home,
No I can't find my way home,
Canít find my way, Canít find my way,
Canít find my way home.





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