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TRACK #8 PREVIEW - "Whichever Way The Wind Blows"

CHICKEN BOXER, TRACK 8.  "Whichever Way The Wind Blows"

Well here's another road song, or at least the sailor's equivalent. We grew up on an island, finite space, finite resources, with water on all sides. It defines you it and shapes your life. (Ireland is about the same size as West Virginia and Great Britain about half the size of California). Some people gather together and enjoy it as a comfort, some take to the seas in search of more, or just something different.  I guess we did the latter. In spring 2011 Patrick and I went back on a little inspirational search around Ireland, something like 1,000 miles in 8 days, no playing music, just watching and experiencing. We went out to the Aran Islands; a bleaker, more inhospitable place is hard to imagine. People live there - I can't say they prosper, but they live there.  It's a simple and very real existence.  The fishing trade is all but dead, killed off by Euro quotas, so tourism is their main means of survival. They wrestle with nature everyday. We'll post more about this trip later, suffice to say the bleak landscape and the unforgiving sea shaped this song. 

- Twigger



North into the icy gale,
The whale, the fish, are leading us astray.
Down below the darkest green,
I've seen a world my courage will betray.
Waves are crashing, rising to the sky,
Dancing with my soul, my head held high.
A waking dream swept over me,
‘Be free’, it whispered, ‘Drift out with the tide’.
‘Open up the gates, untie the rope,
In hope of finding who's inside’.
The clouds are rolling in, my heart beats strong,
Thunder, like the rhythm to my song.
Whichever way the road shows me,
I know the wind will blow me home.
A thousand miles, a life at sea,
But I will never be alone.
Between the devil and the deep,
I seek a truth or maybe it is seeking me.
And when I see the end, my friend,
I know exactly where I want to be.
The wind is calling, whispering to me,
Singing with the chorus of the sea.
Home, home.
I will never be alone.
No, I will never be alone.
I know you and who you are;
A star, a constellation far above.
And I am just a traveler,
A gatherer of everything I love.
The sun is falling, fading out of sight
The fire inside will guide me through the night





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