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PREVIEW #6 - "My Lucky Day"


This song took a few years to write, a line here and a line there. Memories of a month spent in Mexico, various beach trips, when I lived in London back and I used to wear flip-flops all the time (a rare and unusual site on a cold and rainy day). It was a mind-set for me; my feet were freezing but my head was off somewhere warm strolling along a sandy beach. The song is really about the "search" - how a wandering soul still needs to find a person and a place that they can call home. The whole band is from "some place else."  We spend over 200 days on the road, so a home is a fleeting luxury. You will see we visit this theme a lot; it invades our every thought. During pre-production for the album we went into a small studio in Austin (actually a small A-frame house down the road where a friend and talented sound engineer had set up a little recording space). We wanted to see how some of the songs would sound and work on a few arrangements. We gathered in a circle in his apartment and started to work. This can be a very awkward stage; wrong notes are being played, singing is out of tune and people are coming in and out at the wrong time.  It was at just such an awkwardly screeching moment when Ryan uncharacteristically just stopped. He had  frozen in a sort of robotic drumming pose, and he was staring at the glass door behind me and I could see he was trying to say something. "R, R, R, Ro, Robber, Robert Plant, Robert Plant."  I looked over my right shoulder and sure enough, Robert  Plant was walking in the room. 'THE' Robert Plant. "Hello, how's everyone doing?" I have no idea what we all said, but we had a quick conversation with him before he left with the hard drive he had dropped by to pick up with a few song ideas he had been working on with our sound engineer friend. Robert was a very nice guy and I could not help but marvel at the fact that he is still working on new ideas after all this success and time, and more importantly, going about it in such an everyday manner. Thanks RP, you have influenced every musician in the world.  Well, at least me and all the ones I know.

- Twigger




I got a can, a cold one in my hand,
My flip-flops on, my favorite band,
Cranking through my dancing mind,
A world ahead, a life behind me.
Kicking through the surf together,
Me and you and the sunny weather,
Finally found the words to say;
"This is my life, this is my lucky day".
Hey, hey.
Out across the ocean too,
A better life for me and you,
The greyest days will turn to colors,
Wash away our tears and worries.
I'll be your blanket day and night,
Wrap you in that morning light,
We'll wake together smile and say;
"This is my life, this is my lucky day".
Hey, hey.
And now the stars and world surround you
You're the only one I'm bound to,
We'll dance together hand in hand,
Out across the shifting sand.
Leaving lies and fear behind us,
Dreams of love and hope will find us,
So happy that you came my way;
“This is my life, this is my lucky day".
Hey, Hey
“This is my life, this is my lucky day”.
If I could catch a million birds,
And have them sing to you these words,
Would you follow me be my fairytale,
I'll be your ship, you'll be my sail.
Lions, snakes and bears, oh my!
Close your eyes and say goodbye,
To boogie men and childish fears,
For now I'm here to catch your tears.
Save them so when you awake,
I'll have enough to make a lake,
And on it we will sail together,
Through the seas and stormy weather.
To a place where we will find,
Calmness, hope and peace of mind,
A place to call our very own,
I think I'll call it home…..
“This is my lucky day”.
Hey, hey,
“This is my life, this is my lucky day”.







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