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TRACKS #3-4 PREVIEW - "Rag and Bone Intro" / "Rag and Bone"

CHICKEN BOXER, TRACKS 3-4. "Rag and Bone Intro" / "Rag and Bone"

Here's a throw-back to the past. "Way-back-when" the Rag and Bone Man would trundle through the neighborhoods on his donkey and cart collecting scrap metal and junk of all kinds. He would announce his arrival by yelling out "rag-a-bone, rag-a-bone," and you would hear his donkey or horse clip-clopping down the street as you dragged your unwanted scrap to the curb. Each of them would have a unique cry so you could recognize them through the early morning fog. Sometimes he would even have balloons for the kids. Track 3 is a tribute to the Rag and Bone Man's call, and Track 4 is the full song.  We put a track marker in here so you could jump past the intro on subsequent listenings if you wished to.  I've always wanted to write this song, and had the title in my notebook for years. The whole thing was written on the spot in the studio from a jam session between Ryan and myself - or at least the first verse, pre-chorus and chorus were. We just repeated the same words over and over till we got the whole arrangement down. Verses 2 and 3 were written later. We shot a video for this at a place called the "Cathedral of Junk" in Austin, TX. We'll tell you all about this in a future post!

- Twigger





Rag and bone man, picking up the tin can,
Throwin’ it all in his donkey wagon.
Rag and bone man, coming down the street,
Come around here ‘bout every other week.
He makes his pay picking up the rubbish
Everybody throws away.
He’s out there in the sunshine, rain or gloomy day,
Recycling, the broken and the bent,
The used up and the spent.
A three-legged chair, a washing machine,
A bicycle wheel and a toilet lid,
A rusty bed, a wooden box,
A mattress spring and a ping-pong table.
Metal pipes, a tennis racket,
A pair of shoes and a motorcycle helmet,
Football boots, a Christmas tree,
A red wheelbarrow and a frying pan.
A picture frame, a wedding dress,
A fireplace and a steering wheel.
Nuts and bolts, knives and forks,
A broken basket and a rolling pin.
A bag of golf clubs, orange cone,
A mandolin and some chain link fencing,
A pile of bricks, a watering can,
Three flower pots and a fireman’s hat.
Any old, any old Mickey Mouse hat, radiator cap,
An Elvis Presley velvet painting,
Shirts and trousers, pair of plimsoles,
Stockings and socks and a twisted trombone.
Paisley parasol, purple lampshade,
Useless telephone, coats and jumpers,
Slingshots, bottle tops, hammers and cogs,
A coffee table and a Pepsi crate.
About every other week.






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