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TRACK #2 PREVIEW - "Irish Breakfast Day"

CHICKEN BOXER, TRACK 2.  "Irish Breakfast Day"

Ryan and I were messing around in the studio and came up with the basic groove for this. Leafing through a stack of random lyrics and unfinished songs written in the last year I found two songs that seemed to come together with the music and married the two together. A chorus about longing for an escape to a Caribbean island and a song about the huge breakfasts we all grew up with, not something you would think of putting together I know. I remember sitting back home with my stack of fried animal parts and runny eggs watching the TV weather forecaster move magnetic cloud shapes and rain drops across a map of Europe. (yes before green screen). My mind would set off on a journey to far off sun kissed beaches only returning to help me dip my fried bread into the runny yoke and swallow down another helping of heart attack. We had a great time recording this, jamming away to Ryan's cool groove. The barking sound by the way is Ryan playing an Udu, a round clay vase like percussion instrument with a wide spout.  You hit it with one hand on the bowl part and make the wowing sound with your hand over the spout opening.  We ran the mic through a wah wah pedal as well.

- Twigger





Cracked mug, cuppa, toast and jelly,
Weather forecast is on the telly,
‘Dairygold’, cloudy skies,
Bacon, rashers, beans and fries.
‘HP’ brown sauce, salt and pepper,
Duffle coat and a wooly sweater!
Everybody’s got a dream, this is mine.
I want an island in the stream and some time,
And sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.
Chucking buckets the streets are drowning,
Looking gloomy my sausage is frowning.
Mushrooms are looking overdone,
Clouds are beating up the sun.
Farmhouse eggs done over easy,
Cold front coming, wet and breezy!
The whistle on the kettle is calling,
Sleet and snow, the pressure’s falling.
Marmalade that comes from Spain,
Where rain falls mainly on the plain.
Patchy fog, it's ten degrees,
Black pudding, jam and mushy peas!
Everybody’s got a dream, this is mine.
Everybody’s got a dream, this is mine.
Eggs are up and they're looking sunny,
Yellow yoke is warm and runny.
Tomato halves are grilled and lying,
Next to the white bread fresh from frying.
Thunderstorms are on the way,
Just another Irish breakfast day!
Everybody’s got a dream, this one’s mine,
Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.
Got a dream, got a dream of sunshine.






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