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Alright guys, the last time I wrote a piece for the website we were just about to embark on our big Saint Patrick's Day tour in January.  Well, we have just finished that tour and it is hard to describe in one word how great it was.  So I collected a bunch of adjectives that kind of come close to giving you an idea of what it was like: inspiring, exhausting, drunken, fantastic, pork-filled (described later), brilliant and my favorite, a real brouhaha.

It was January 18th when we started the tour and now it's the beginning of April, so you can imagine that we might be a bit tired...  and we are, there is no doubt about it, but it's the good kind of tired.  It's like the kind you feel right after you take that first sip of a bevy at the end of a day moving into a new home.  If you know what that feels like, you will completely understand.  And as you could also imagine we had some great, strange, unique and challenging times during the last 76 days traveling across America.  I thought it would be a fun idea to share some of those experiences with you guys, so I put together a list of them below...  

"Most Memorable Moments from the 2012 Saint Patrick's Day Tour"
(in alphabetical order, no less!)


BIGGEST GIG EVER:  On this tour we got to play the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, WI to the biggest crowd Gaelic Storm has ever had in an indoor venue.  It was a crazy feeling to go on that stage and play in front of those people.  In fact, our manager, Matt, wouldn't let us look at the audience before we hit the stage.  He wanted it to feel like it was a Christmas morning surprise, and trust me, it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  For years we have wanted to sell out this place and finally we had - what a feeling!  This gig was one of those that will stay in my mind for a long time.  


The Riverside, Milwaukee WI

CALENDAR-CHALLENGED:  For those of you that follow us on Facebook, you will know that on the 14th of March we thought we were booked to play in Bloomington, IL.  So on that day we woke up in Chicago, IL and had a leisurely lunch at the mall, and figured we had all sorts of time because the drive was only going to be 2 hours.  Purvis went to a barber shop, Pat was checking out stores, Jessie was belt shopping, Twigger was grabbing a coffee and I was searching for the perfect pair of sneakers.  It wasn't until Pat posted on Facebook that he was excited to play in Bloomington, IL that someone named Lindsay Brown Turpen informed us that we were playing Bloomington, IN, not IL.  So as you can imagine, that changed everything.  Instead of a 2 hour drive we had a 5 hour drive, and of course we actually lost an hour because that part of IN is Eastern Standard Time:  too funny.  We got to the gig on time, but without a belt, a pair of Vans, a haircut and some coffee.   So thanks again Lindsay, you seriously saved our calendar-challenged butts.


Bloomington what?

CHICKEN BOXER (revealing our new album's name and cover):  Chicken Boxer isn't your normal album name but it really does encompass the unique sense of humor our band has.  The real meaning behind the name will come out later, just know that it has something to do with one of us hearing the word box as opposed to pox...

The new Gaelic Storm album: Chicken Boxer

EGG:  In Albany, we actually played in a venue that was shaped like an egg.  Guess what the venue is called... yeah you guessed it: "The Egg".  

The Egg

DONKEYS:  We not only sold out of our stock of donkeys, but we actually tapped out the distributer too!  Don't worry, they are hard at work in the donkey-making factory as we speak.

March of the Donkeys

FENDER:  We lost a fender from the side of our trailer.  Yeah, that was us driving down the highway with a massive piece of metal flailing all over the place.

FLYING SUITCASES:  One other mishap came when we were leaving Ithaca, NY on the 22nd of March.  As we pulled out of the hotel we got a little turned around on the interstate, and because no one was around we flipped a U-turn in the road, all of a sudden there were bags flying out the trailer onto the highway.  Thanks to Eric, our tour manager who was driving at the time, we were able to jump out and grab them. Of course when we jumped out all sorts of cars started appearing out of nowhere and were honking at us.  Good times!  So, when you're roaming the streets of Ithaca watch out for flying suitcases!

My sad "holey" bag

GYROS:  In Wilkes Barre, PA we ate a bunch of gyros at 2 o'clock in the morning with some of the boys from Enter the Haggis.  I know what you're thinking, and yes, there was a bar involved as well.  Thank you "The King of Kings Gyros"! You made our night!

King of Kings Gyros

HANGING CABBAGES:  We walked into a gig in Tullahoma, TN and there were a bunch of cabbages hanging from the ceiling.  Weird, I know, but I have to say that the creativity did stun all of us in the band.

HOCKEY HELMET:  Peter Purvis created the first Guinness Box Hockey Helmet.  He played one game with it, and he has never been the same since...


Coolest helmet ever

KETCHUP:  We think that we might have boosted Heinz ketchup's stock!   At most of our restaurant stops there is no taste to the food!  So thank you Heinz family for always being there for us.

Restaurant Gold

MASCOT #2:  On this tour we revealed Gaelic Storm's second official mascot: the actual Chicken Boxer.  He showed up in Chicago, Annapolis and Milwaukee, and I'm sure he will make another surprise appearance soon.  And for all those worried that Darcy has been replaced, don't be, he merely has a new buddy to share the stage with now.  

The Chicken Boxer

PORK:  It's strange, but we had an enormous amount of pork for dinner this tour.  It felt like every time we sat down to a catered meal they were serving pork.  Perhaps the Chicken Boxer is boycotting us eating his buddies? 

The Sauciest Pig Ever

OLD SONGS AND OLD STORIES:  We performed two of these kinds of shows over the course of the tour, one in Greenville, SC and one in Annapolis, MD.  This is where we take some old pub favorites and some old Gaelic Storm songs, mix in a bunch of the stories that have happened to the band over the past 15 years, and play a kind of storyteller show.  From the drummers throne I felt like I had a front row seat to two of the funniest nights of my life!  If you see we are doing this kind of gig again, it really is worth coming out.  We are just flying by the seat of our pants and for my money it's a must-see.

SHAMROCK FEST IN DC:  What a load of drunken-monkeys there were at this fest!  We think we actually had more crowd-surfers in this one gig than we had in all of 2011.  It was awesome - we had a great time as you could expect.  We also got to see a few of our favorite bands…Carbon Leaf played right before us and they put on a killer show, and then after we played The Dropkick Murphy's took the stage and were amazing, as always. 

Shamrock Fest, Next to RFK stadium

SPEEDOS:  We witnessed a group of men sunbathing in what they called a "heatwave" in  the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in speedos.  (It was 43 degrees outside)  Sorry no pic, we couldn't live with ourselves if we shared these images with anyone.

WASHINGTON DC:  After we played Shamrock fest in Washington DC we took a few days off and stayed right down the street from the Capital Building at one of the most historic hotels in America, the Phoenix, which is right above the fantastic Dubliner Pub.  (Many a President has stepped into that bar on Saint Patrick's Day and had a few pints, including our present one.)  We became total tourists, it was one of the best ways to see DC, during Cherry Blossom season.  I even took a cheesy tourist photo: 

Totally geek'n out in DC

I hope you enjoyed this list and thanks again for supporting us on the road.  As you can tell, it is always a good time.  In the coming months we are finishing up Chicken Boxer and then we are hitting the road again this summer playing all sorts of festivals and gigs around the country.   So please come out again because we love spending time with you guys, and don't forget to download our free monthly podcast straight from - there is a link right on the front page.


Until next time,  

Ryan Lacey





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