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Hey GS Nation! 

Itís been a while since we have been on the road, and yes, we missed you very much!  There are some awesome things on the horizon for us in 2012; here is a taste of whatís coming up...

The New Gaelic Storm Record

We spent most of December and part of January hibernating in our recording studio down in Austin, TX, but donít worry, the time was very well spent. Everyone in the band sounds amazing on our new record, and the parts we have been laying down are great!  The record is about 85% done and we are all super excited by how itís turning out.  We really took free range to be ourselves on this one.  It looks like itís going to be released in the early part of summer, but seeing how far away that is, we will be releasing our first single in March.  The song is yet to be determined because it is so hard to narrow it down and pluck out just one.  Whatever the track is, we guarantee that when you hear it, youíll feel like you've got an electrifying and intense punch in the gut (meant in a good way).  We are hoping that by the end of the album youíll be left-hooked on it!

 **We have an album title but we arenít announcing it yet!  The italicized words above allude to the title, so try to figure it out!** 

New Concert Series, ďOLD SONGS and OLD STORIESĒ 

Apart from our new record, another new endeavor we are embarking on this year is our OLD SONGS AND OLD STORIES concert series.  This idea came from a few impromptu gigs we did last summer at some of the Irish fests.  We tried to put together a show that really takes you back to how Gaelic Storm started out.  It included a loose setlist full of classic Irish songs (think Whiskey in the Jar and Wild Rover), some hilarious pint-fueled stories from Steve and Pat about the last 15 years on the road and a super stripped-down version of our instrumentation.  And man, what resulted was something that was seriously fun and special to be at.  So we figured, why not try doing a few more of these types of shows around the country?  The first of these OLD SONGS AND OLD STORIES gigs of 2012 is at the Handlebar in Greenville, SC on January 28th so come out if you are anywhere near the area, or you can always just fly in as well! 

Click HERE for the Handlebar Website

St. Patrick's Tour

Between our show in Orlando, FL on January 19th and our show in Wallingford, CT on March 30th we are doing 47 or more gigs around the country!  Itís going to be a wild ride and we are so geared up for it.  Like I said itís been awhile since we have been on the road and we are all itching to get back out there.  Watch out these next few months because most likely we are coming to your town. 

Click HERE for a full list of Tour Dates

We Love Our Fans!

I have to say you guys are the best fans a band could ever ask for.  You do not only support us with an undying passion, but you also promote us like crazy.  We have no radio play, no video play and no mainstream buzz whatsoever, but somehow, we still are able to get an amazing audience at every show.  We in the band attribute that to our fans, because we know without you guys spreading the word about us, we wouldnít be where we are now.  So thank you again and again for letting people that donít know about Gaelic Storm know about us!   

As well I wanted to also say thanks for supporting our podcast.  Itís been going on for over a year now, and the listenership has grown and grown.  So thanks and please continue to tell your friends about it.  For me, itís great because I get to learn about the places we are heading to and I get to share that with you.  I also love the fact that I can learn about new music through our fans' suggestions, so keep them coming!      

Click HERE for the GS Podcast

Please continue to send your song suggestions to:


Okay GS Nation, thanks for everything and we canít wait see you out on the road in 2012!


- Ryan Lacey of Gaelic Storm 






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