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Hey guys

The Shamboozle tour is done and we are happy to announce that we played 51 shows in 77 days, drove 15,494 miles and played for over 30,000 people throughout 45 cities in 21 states.  Best of all, with your help, Pat and Pete shaved their heads to raise over $18,000 for St. Baldrick’s Foundation for children’s cancer research.  

Yes, we are exhausted, but we had one hell of a great time.  

As well… We just found out that Jack Hannahan of the Cleveland Indians has our song “Kiss me I’m Irish”, as his “at bat” music.  How sweet is that?  

Thanks so much to all the greeters and merch people that have been helping us out over the last few months; you guys have been a tremendous help!  Your enthusiasm has been out of control, and for that we thank you.  A big shout out to John McGuire, the winner of our “Shamboozle Your Way to Milwaukee” contest with Southwest Airlines.  Hope you guys had a great time on St. Patrick’s Day in Milwaukee, we know we did.  

We'd like to also give a big thanks for all the downloads of our “Road Tracks” podcast series.  It’s been a blast to make these things.  The best part about it is that it’s a free download, so our plan is to have a new one out every month.  Our brand new April episode is all about the music of Austin TX, so go check it out.  And again, if you guys have any suggestions for bands that are from your area that we may be able to put in the show, please email and we will try to throw them into the mix when we are in your state.  

So, what’s coming up for Gaelic Storm?

This month we are going back into the studio for the bands 9th record, and we couldn’t be more excited.  The ideas are coming so fast that we can’t keep our heads on straight (as if they were on the right way before). Next month Pat and Steve are taking a trip to Ireland to listen to some stories, write a few songs, and of course, have a few pints.    

Starting in late May we are going on tour, hitting American and European festivals all summer.  Please click on the tour tab on our website - all of the information will be posted there. All right guys, thanks for making our Shamboozle tour such an awesome experience! 

We will see you in the summer.


- Ryan





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