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One Last Bit of Sunshine..

One Last Bit of Sunshine

Well, the second leg of our summer/fall tour is done, and it was ridiculously fun. Thanks again for everybody who picked up "Cabbage", it is still doing quite well on the charts so we really appreciate you guys for your support.  With no radio/video airplay we can only depend on touring and you guys (the fans) spreading the word, so thank you for helping us out.  

The Sailing Southern Ground cruise was amazing.  Zac Brown Band was awesome, and playing with Michael Franti and Spearhead was an unforgettable experience.  As for some of the shenanigans that went on, we hung out with John Driskell Hopkins (bass player for Zac Brown Band) and drank some potent concoctions during his podcast.  We watched an impressive belly-flop contest, pounced on our competitors in the Flip-Cup Tournament, and Pat and I became Siamese twins for the Artist Trivia event, which we actually didn’t win.  (WE CONCLUDED THAT WE WERE ROBBED!!!)  We are now separate individuals - the surgery went well, and there is minimal scarring. 

After the cruise we headed up the East Coast, and as you can imagine the parties up there were off the hook (by the way, I am referring to our shows as parties now).  While we were in New York City, we popped into the Relix Magazine offices for an impromptu video concert. 

Once we finished with the East Coast run we headed to the great Midwest.  Along the way we started our yearly band NFL football pool.  Last year, Jessie boycotted the whole thing, but somehow this year we convinced her to join.  We thought it was going to be easy money coming our way, but low and behold “The Great Jessie Burns” has taken the lead in our pool.  Get this: she actually based her picks on if she liked the team’s colors and how their butts look their uniforms.  It’s early in the season, but Jessie has us all a bit scared… We will keep you updated with who is winning and losing as the year goes on.

Here’s the breakdown of our favorite teams:

Jessie Burns- Denver Broncos

Patrick Murphy- Green Bay Packers

Ryan Lacey- Chicago Bears

Steve Twigger- Dallas Cowboys

Pete Purvis- NY Jets

Our West Coast to the Midwest run is the last tour of the year for us so these parties are going to be topnotch!  We are taking a Hulk Hogan “No Holds Bar” approach so watch out.  Can’t wait to see you guys out there, and just maybe we will run into a celebrity or two in Hollywood.  We get to visit a few of our old haunts, see some family, hang out with old friends, and enjoy one more bit of sunshine before the winter hits again.


See you guys when we start on the West Coast! 








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