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Sailing Southern Ground Cruise Update
We just got off the "Sailing Southern Ground" cruise and it was truly one of greatest parties we have ever been to.  Over lunch we started reminiscing on all the crazy stuff that happened, so we put together a Letterman style Top Ten list for you.

1. Watching Michael Franti and Spearhead rock the house on the Lido deck.

2. Kicking Sixthman's butt at flip-cup like we said we were going to.

3. Dancing to the "Yacht Rock Review" till the wee hours of the night.  Olivia Newton John, Steely Dan and Michael McDonald have never sounded so good.

4. Doing belly-flops into the pool as we finished one of our sets.

5. Crowd surfing in the Paris Lounge.

6. Losing to Charlie from "Blackberry Smoke" (Aka Raspberry Puff) at artist trivia, as Siamese Twins.

7. Hanging out listening to music and drinking our favorite cocktails with John Driskell Hopkins for his iTunes Podcast "Under the Influence".

8. Going swimming with some Devil Rays (not the baseball team, I mean actual Devil Rays)

9. Watching the "Zac Brown Band" play a "Rage Against The Machine" song.

10. Pretty much every other moment on the cruise.

So thank you Sixthman, Zac Brown Band and everybody else that put this thing together, we had a blast!





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