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Look Out Below... Album Dropping 8/3:
I couldn't be happier to announce that our new album "CABBAGE" is finally coming out August 3rd. This thing - to borrow a line from Bret Michaels - is gonna ROCK YOUR WORLD. We are really stoked about the way it came out and we seriously hope you guys enjoy it. Without changing our sound we were able to incorporate a new kind of party atmosphere to this record. In fact, a few of the tracks were actually recorded while a party ensued in the studio, so you can hear people singing along and partying all around us.
How can I explain "CABBAGE"? "CABBAGE" has songs that will make you want to dance around til you're red in the face... like "Raised on Black and Tans" and "Red Hair, Green Eyes". It also has songs that will make you want sing along til you're red in the face... like "Chucky Timm" and "Just Ran Out of Whiskey" and "Cyclone McClusky". Another one to look out for is our cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia"...
It wouldn't be a Gaelic Storm album without a few rollicking tune sets that will have you stomping your feet til you're red in the face... like "The Buzzards of Bourbon Street" and "Jimmy's Bucket". really we just want everyone to get red in the face this summer one way or another.
Why Cabbage??
I expect to hear this question, so my answer to that is this: Nobody can deny listening to an album named after the coolest vegetable around.




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