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New album, FULL IRISH, now available for pre-order!

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Gaelic Storm - Full Irish


It was a daunting task to select the songs that would make our 'Best Of' album, but we are proud to bring you the following collection of Gaelic Storm classics and THREE BRAND NEW TRACKS. Ladies and Gentleman, the FULL IRISH:

  1. Scalliwag
  2. Born to Be a Bachelor
  3. Whiskey in the Jar*
  4. The Buzzards of Bourbon Street
  5. Raised on Black and Tans
  6. Me and the Moon
  7. Girls of Dublin Town
  8. The Night I Punched Russell Crowe
  9. Irish Party in Third Class*
  10. I Miss My Home
  11. Darcy's Donkey
  12. One More Day Above the Roses
  13. Slim Jim and the Seven Eleven Girl
  14. Spider Bite*
  15. Kiss Me I'm Irish


Today’s Special: FULL IRISH. A seasoned blend of savory Gaelic Storm staples…fan favorites cured over the course of ten years, six albums, and thousands of live shows. Plus, enjoy a side of THREE BRAND NEW TRACKS (including "Whiskey in the Jar" and "Irish Party in Third Class" from TITANIC), for a veritable feast of fresh flavor that is sure to satisfy. For those who have dined here before, enjoy the unique combination of flavors that you have helped create, and if you’re new to the FULL IRISH, we hope you return again and again. Bon appétit.

Pre-order your copy from the GS webstore in advance and receive:

  • Your copy of FULL IRISH delivered to your doorstep on or before July 29th
  • A digital download of the song “Irish Breakfast Day” from the album Chicken Boxer IMMEDIATELY upon purchase of your pre-order. FULL IRISH, "Irish Breakfast Day" - see what we did there?? This track is not included on FULL IRISH - pre-order only! 
  • Please note: Instant Download MP3 will not download to mobile devices. You must download this album using a PC or Mac, and then transfer the MP3 file to your music library via computer. You must have Flash Player installed to process the download. The downloader may take a moment to appear after checkout for download access. 

Also available

of the new album and FULL IRISH Koozie,
PLUS a limited edition FULL IRISH poster!

Please note: you are pre-ordering this album

FULL IRISH is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, July 29th,
and your copy will be shipped to arrive on or before the street date.Click here to pre-order "Full Irish"

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