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Release date: 8/3/2010
Track Listing:


I was raised on Black & Tans,
Ronnie Drew and ‘Van the Man’
I go to mass on Sunday
And then it’s back to the pub on Monday
I’ve got a sister Meghan
With a Celtic cross tattoo
I’ll tell you a few stories
And every one of them is true

My mother’s, brother’s, sister’s, cousin’s, auntie’s,
Uncle Barney’s, father’s, brother had a cousin from Killarney

My great-granddad and his mates
They tried to make it to the States
His uncle, he was a failure
He got deported off to Australia
So they stowed upon a steamer
On the famous White Star Line
I was raised upon these stories
Since I was the age of nine


My great-uncle, he liked the races
He liked the dogs and steeplechases
His wife, my dear old auntie,
She kept a teashop way, way down in Bantry
But he fixed a race in Donegal
And now he’s got to hide,
With the sticky buns and cakes and guns
And whiskey on the side!


I was raised on Black & Tans,
Ronnie Drew and ‘Van the Man’.
I go to mass on Sunday
And then it’s back to the pub on Monday
I’m from the wrong side of the south side
Of an Irish neighborhood
I’ve never been to Ireland
But I know it’s in my blood


Well I wonder why it is that we have rascals, rogues and losers
We’ve got roustabouts, rapscallions, and a bucket load of boozers
We’ve got balladeers and blowhards of all sorts
We’ve got poets, priests and pirates
But we have no astronauts.

They say there was a space race,
If there was I think I missed it.
From the earth up to the moon and back,
Doesn’t that take the biscuit?
Well I wouldn’t mind a little ride in zero gravity
As long as they could promise
I’d be home in time for tea!

I’ve got me two good legs if I want to take a trip,
I got no use, for a rocket ship
I’ll walk if you don’t mind that’s how I always get around
I might be staring at the stars,
But I keep both feet on the ground.
(Both feet on the ground.)

There’s a great big giant vacuum
Up there in the sky.
Ah but where’s the place to plug it in?
I think it’s all a lie
I’ve heard of Haley’s Comet
And I’ll tell you what I think
It’s just a kind of chemical for cleaning out the sink


We’ve got no use for Sputnik,
We’ve got spuds to go around
And you’ll never see the shuttle land
On the streets of Newry town
In the fields of Athenry there’s not a launching pad in sight
We’ve got no Mirs or Voyagers
But we turned out alright!


Twinkling lights come into view as the night swallows the day
We listen for the sounds, the screams, the fear and the fun
to guide us on our way
The barker shouts, into his megaphone:
“Step right up and gather ‘round,
Two nickels buys a ticket, the Carnival’s in town!”

We’re going ‘round, ‘round, ‘round, wheels on the wall
Round, round, round, we’re not gonna fall
Round, round, round, we’re all living for another day
We’ll ride another day.

We’re not here for the cotton candy, we’re here for the gasoline
Were waiting for the show to begin then we’ll all hustle in
To hear the roar of his machine.
McClusky waves, at a pretty girl, blows a kiss
We hold our breath
He’s Cyclone McClusky and he’s gonna ride the wall of death


And will McClusky live? Or will he die?
I paid to watch him fall, or maybe watch him fly
I’ve been afraid to live, I’ve been afraid to try
But if the Cyclone can do it, then, maybe so can I…

Now the midway’s empty, the ground’s gone bare and cold
I still can hear the cheers, the screams, the squeal of the wheels
like when I was 10 years old
It echoes on, it’ll never die, I won’t let go
‘til my last breath
I’m living like the Cyclone and I’m riding on the Wall of Death


Blind Monkey

Devil’s inside her
The devil’s inside her

Green eyes, red hair, long legs; Devil inside her!
Green eyes, red hair, long legs; Devil inside her!

She’s a cup of tea, she’s a Jaegerbomb
She’s an angel, she’s an Amazon
She’s a poem, she’s an alphabet
She’s a violin with a bayonet

She’s a revolution, she’s a peace accord
She’s a grain of sand, she’s the Cliffs of Moher
She’s Friday night, she’s Sunday Morning
She’s a fair wind, she’s a sailor’s warning


Green eyes, red hair, long legs; Devil inside her!
Green eyes, red hair, long legs; She’s got the devil inside her!

She’s a glass house, she’s an ivory tower
She’s a tin roof, she’s a summer shower
She’s a carnival, she’s a masquerade
She’s a picket fence, she’s lemonade

(Chorus x2)

She can disappear, she can walk on water
She’s the Queen of Sheba, she’s the farmer’s daughter
She’s a cocktail dress, a cowboy boot
She’s a question mark, she’s absolute!

(Chorus x2)

She’s got the devil inside her! (Repeat to fade)

I got a fresh tattoo of a broken heart
You’d think I’d learn by now but I ain’t that smart
I got a pocket full of nothing, head full of luke-warm beer
I just wanted to make myself feel good
Feel like I’ve been understood
I was wrong, I’ve been wrong three times this year

I pushed off from shore in this leaky boat
With my only friend, a bottle of whiskey in my coat
I was going to drown my sorrows, discuss my attitude
I lay down on my back, I started to curse
Insulted every planet in the universe
Hey Jupiter, if your listening, I didn’t mean to be that rude

Hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la,
How hard can it be?
Hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la,
How hard can it be?
Let me tell you now, I just ran out of whiskey
And I’m stranded out at sea

Now as the light begins to fade the sun disappears
I see a siren singing in a sea of tears
I know it’s you, I can tell by your hair
And my pulse begins to quicken as I row through the tide
I want to lay my head down at your side
Then you slip into the sea you’re gone, that ain’t fair

The sea was as black as a pirate’s soul
A black velvet bag, a big dark hole
Just reflections of the mocking moon above
Then a shooting star shot across the skies
It was then I began to realize
I would give it all away if I could have your love


Now I pulled myself together, had a little chat
With my empty bottle and this little cat
He’d been hiding, he’d been there for a while
Well I told him how I missed you, how you made me feel
And even though the cat wasn’t real
It cheered me up and it made me smile

I stood up in that boat and I laughed till I cried
I danced a little two-step with my pride
Then I thought about jumping in again I was so alone.
Well you know I couldn’t do it cause I’m standing here
It may have been the liquor it may have been the fear
Besides how would that cat have got back home?

(Chorus x 2)

Jimmy's Bucket

Cecilia, you're breaking my heart,
You're shaking my confidence daily
Oh, Cecilia, I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please to come home
Oh come home

Cecilia, you're breaking my heart
You're shaking my confidence daily
Oh, Cecilia, I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please to come home
Oh come home

Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia
Up in my bedroom (making love)
I got up to wash my face
When I come back to bed
Someone's taken my place

Cecilia, you're breaking my heart
You're shaking my confidence daily
Oh, Cecilia, I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please to come home
Oh come home

Jubilation, she loves me again
I fall on the floor and I'm laughing
Jubilation, she loves me again
I fall on the floor and I'm laughing

Jubilation, she loves me again
She loves me again
Oh Cecilia

The Buzzards of Bourbon Street

Man-catchers took me family, shipped them to Kingston town
I was left in Dublin, no way out but down
I shipped aboard for better fare, stories I could tell
I left that hole behind me, I landed straight in Hell

We want the sun and the ocean to swim in
Tobacco, rum, and the wild island women
The old man says we’re homeward bound
The crew says “No!” Turn this ship around!

They lash us without warning, they starve us every man
They work us day and night, even longer when they can
Our backs are burned and blistered, fever’s taken hold
There’s fire in our bellies, but our blood is running cold

No rum to warm the spirit, no breeze to cool the brow
We sighted land two days ago, an island off the prow
Red sky in the morning, captain best beware
There’s rumblings down below decks, there’s murder in the air


Bermuda waits behind us; it’s time for treachery
It’s now or never lads, let’s put an end to misery
The knives are out and flashing, there’s powder in the guns
We’re sick of slop and scurvy, it’s time to cut and run

The captain’s in his cabin, with a glass of sherry wine
We’ll keelhaul the bastard; we’ll make him drink the brine
The first mate’s on the foredeck, with a pistol in his hand
We’ll string him from the rigging; he’ll never see dry land


From Bimini to the Jersey Shore they ran their sacred mission
To help the poor unfortunates, oppressed by the Prohibition
When the Puritans in politics began to play their dirty tricks
And outlaw every thing that we enjoy
Rum boats ahoy!
We’re gonna get ourselves a drop of the Real McCoy!


Rum runner, rum runner
Run your rum right up the line
Rum runner, rum runner
Rum, whiskey, gin and rye
Run rum runners run!
We’re running dry!

Three miles off the shoreline waits the infamous ‘Rum Row’
Well if it’s gambling, or girls, or drink you want just ask ‘Havana Joe’
You won’t be taxed so never mind, and once you’ve left the law behind
You can have it all! Whatever is your vice
Just name your price!
It’s a free and easy floating paradise!


Well the boats come up from Charleston, and down from Gloucester Bay
They’re giving out free samples boys, and the party’s underway!
Somebody brought a Calypso band, it’s loud enough to hear on land
And the hold is filled with barrels fit to burst.
To quench our thirst!
If the excise cutters don’t get to it first!


The shore patrol is on the way, our machine-gun is at the ready
God help us if we need it now, our hands are none too steady!
Uncle Sam is closing in, to take our women, take our gin,
You’ve bled us dry with all your revenues
What’s left to lose?
You can take our lives but you’ll never take our booze!

Let’s go out just one more time, to that old place on the shore
Down the lanes of this harbor town, like so many times before.
There’s so much you’ve done for me, so much, I’ve asked of you
But when I’m gone there’s one more thing, please promise me you’ll do

Everyday sing a song
To help me sail along
Too ra loo ra loo ra loo ra le
And I’ll be on my way

If you miss me when I’m gone, just walk down by the sea.
Sing with a whisper of the waves, and there remember me.
What a lucky man you made of me, always at my side
Where I am, I’ll wait for you, as faithful as the tide


Rocks keep rolling, hills keeps rising
Water flows, no compromising
Trees are swaying, leaves are turning
Earth is spinning, sun is burning
Clouds are forming, wind is blowing
Now it’s raining, now it’s snowing
Flowers are blooming, birds are flying
Some are laughing, some are crying

Remember there was dancing, on that night so long ago.
We sang and raised our glasses, to the starlight on the snow.
Well if you should see those northern lights, on a frosty winters eve,
Watch them dance, and know I’m there, there’s no need to grieve.

(Chorus x 2)

Crazy Eyes McGullicuddy


Here comes Chucky Timm,
Get your drinking boots on!
Here comes Chucky Timm,
Get your drinking boots on!

Pick up your walking papers,
Take off your dancing shoes,
Get a big slice of humble pie,
Or a dose of the travelling blues


Brush off your smoking jacket
Take off your thinking cap,
Put on a pair of big boys’ pants
And button up your flap!


Jump off the Paddy wagon,
Get on the gravy train,
Pull your head out of the clouds,
And come in from the rain


If you’re three sheets to the wind,
And you’re locked out of your tree,
Everything is A.O.K.
‘Cause that’s the J.O.B!



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