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Bring Yer Wellies
Release date: 7/25/2006
Track Listing:
Me & The Moon
Never Drink 'Em Dry (Johnny Tarr's Funeral)
The Devil Down Below
Dia Luain, De Mairt
Bare in the Basin
Kelly's Wellies
Hello Monday
The Long Way Home
The Salt Lick
Don't Go For The One
Tornado Alley

Twigger, Murphy, Wehmeyer, Reid

Old songs and old stories they keep us alive

Without our past, we would never survive

I am my island, my island is me

So you know what you can do

If you donít like what you see


Kiss me Iím Irish

I am the Wild Rover

My eyes they are smiling

And Iím seldom sober

I like my whiskey

And I love to dance

So if youíre feeling as lucky as me

Take a chanceÖ

And kiss me Iím Irish

My Heart beats a jig and me blood it flows green

Iíve been a rogue and a rambler from ocean to sea.

And I like a Ďbevyí, now and then, that Iíll never deny

But I only drink on the days of the week that end with a ĎYí

Iím no saint, Iím no sinner, of that thereís no doubt.

Iíll tell ya the truth I am the one

That your grandmother warned you about!


Dublin, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Cork

Kerry, Chicago, Armagh and New York

Belfast and Boston, Donegal and DC

Raise your glasses and sing, sing, sing with me!

Repeat Chorus 2x


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