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Gaelic  Storm are a "whirlwind ruckus" (Village Voice) who tour worldwide for at  least two hundred days out of every year.  On the new album 'Cabbage'  (August 3, Lost Again), the band brings influences from rock, bluegrass,  Jamaican, African and Middle Eastern music that may surprise those expecting  traditional Celtic music. Not only does their instrumentation include  fiddle, accordion and pipes, but also the bouzouki, mandolin and an array of  drums including the Malian djembe, the Middle Eastern doumbek, the Brazilian  surdo, and the Cuban cajón, as well as the Irish  bodhrán.
According to front man Patrick Murphy, the  infectiously catchy first single "Raised on Black and Tans" is about  Irish-Americans who have never been to Ireland but feel it's in their blood.   Murphy himself was born in Cork, Ireland, while Steve Twigger, his  Gaelic Storm co-founder, is a native of Coventry, England.  Growing up  in the UK, Twigger listened to the Specials and Madness, which can be heard  in the syncopated ska beat of the album's Americana gem "Green Eyes, Red  Hair."

Gaelic Storm's 2008 'What's the Rumpus?' hit #1 on both  the Billboard and iTunes World Album charts.  That same year, Hallmark  released a special St. Patrick's Day "soundcard" in the US and the UK  featuring the original Gaelic Storm song "Kiss Me I'm Irish."  The  group also recorded a version of their "Scalliwag" in Simlish, the official  language of the Sims video game world, which appeared in two EA Sports Sims  games.  Gaelic Storm is likely the most-seen Irish-influenced band in  the world, given their performance as the steerage band in the film  'Titanic.'
They have previously toured alongside artists  including Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, and The Barenaked Ladies, and will  perform on the Sailing Southern Ground Cruise with Zac Brown Band this fall.  Their summer touring schedule is likely to deliver full houses across the  country and includes headlining slots on major festivals in addition to a  "Pub of the Month" after-party series to connect and hang out with their  fans.
Gaelic Storm are:
·       Patrick Murphy (accordion, spoons, bodhrán,  lead vocals)
·      Steve Twigger (guitar,  bouzouki, mandolin, bodhrán, lead vocals)
·       Ryan Lacey (djembe, doumbek, surdo, cajón,  vocals, various percussion)
·      Peter Purvis  (Highland bagpipes, Uillean pipes, DegerPipes, whistle, vocals)

·       Jessie Burns <>   (fiddle, vocals)



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