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"What's The Rumpus?" Irish Album of the Year!!

Raised on Songs and Stories / March 2009

Irish Album of the Year

Whatís the Rumpus? - Gaelic Storm
Without a doubt their best album so far, Gaelic Storm continue to do what they do best: entertain. Whatís the Rumpus? has it all and plenty of it. As usual, they have the uncanny ability of injecting a very live feel to a studio album.

Many influences come together on this great album, and as I have said before, there is not a single bad note on it. Mix together blistering instrumentals, clever arrangements, bawdy ballads, silly love songs and some Murphy mayhem and you get Whatís the Rumpus?ómy Irish album of the year. Congratulations Patrick, Steve, Jessie, Ryan and Pete!
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